Tacoma Event and Festival Guide ~

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Tacoma Event and Festival Guide ~

Chefs and restaurants from the entire area participate. This event includes over 30 booths, offers goodies ranging from barbecue spareribs and ethnic dishes to heavenly desserts and Washington State wines and beers, plus live music and local artists. This is possibly the ultimate family picnic. Today, twenty years after its inauguration, the TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival is the largest music festival in British Columbia, winner of numerous awards for Best Festival and praised as one of the leading jazz festivals in the world.

Over shows including free concerts take place during the 10 days of the Festival. By taking the music to concert halls, clubs, parks, community centers, public plazas, and neighborhoods and streets, the Jazz Festival animates the city like at no other time of year.

The history of Skookum dolls starts with Mary McAboy filing two applications for patents for a doll or toy figure on November 29, The patents were granted on February 17, One of the applications was for a male and the other a female and in three styles – a male doll, a .

The patents were granted on February 17, One of the applications was for a male and the other a female and in three styles – a male doll, a female doll, a female doll with a baby. The dolls started to become so popular that Mary McAboy partnered with H. She stayed on and was the head of the Skookum Assembly Division. The look of the doll stayed the same but some of the materials used to make them changed and plastic and some other materials were used.

They were factory made dolls from the ‘s – ‘s that resembled Native American people and were usually sold in tourist spots Skookum dolls came in a variety of sizes and styles to represent various tribes, customs and dress.

Tacoma Event and Festival Guide ~

Named to celebrate the West African Mansa king of kings of the Mali Empire, who rescued the Griot — his people’s storyteller and tribal historian — Festival Sundiata is a powerful representation of diverse cultural traditions, kept vibrant and current through dynamic creative expression. Music, visual art including a children’s exhibit depicting the Griot , hands-on children’s activities and the UJAAMA cooperative marketplace with crafts and imported items, create a collective and comprehensive picture of the African and African-American journey.

Come to the Victorian Festival and plan to stay a few days, partaking of the Festival fun and the limitless opportunities for exploration of historic sites and natural wonders all over the Peninsula.

Dolls with composition masks have leather covered wooden feet. The leather can be either paint decorated or in some cases decorated with fancy beadwork. It is in this time period that the most elaborate and detailed Skookum dolls were made.

Group of Assorted Native American, Native American Style, and Other Items, including two late cradles, a painted parfleche bag, three carved and painted Katsinas, two carved nut profiles, a belt, More Eight Assorted Skookum and Skookum-style Dolls, including two mothers with babies swaddled on their backs, one with original paper label to foot, and a pair of twins in original box, ht. Two Indian Character Dolls, early 20th century, a Skookum brave with composition head, cotton outfit, and black fur cape, ht.

At the conclusion of the Daffodil Parade, flowers are removed from parade floats and vehicles and then taken to the Tacoma yacht Club where members would decorate vessels and boats and parade up and down the Ruston waterfront. One of only three such ports on the entire coastline of the United States, Port Townsend is known for its Victorian era architecture, breathtaking bayside harbor location and a wide variety of outdoor activities. On April Fools Day, in a town called Woodinville, Washington, the howling, rooing, and wolfing begins at day break.

Patrick’s day, and this exuberant 2-day festival is committed to bringing authentic Irish culture to the community at large in order to foster a better understanding of Ireland and its people. The entire town becomes a festival venue, with activities and presentations for the young and the young at heart; visitor and resident.

The annual Irish Week Festival aims to create the Irish experience for immigrants and friends of the Irish alike. The mission of the Scandinavian Cultural Center is to preserve the heritage and culture of the Nordic countries in the Pacific Northwest. The center provides the community with a wide array of exhibits, programs and special cultural events throughout the year.

Dating skookum dolls

But what if the label is missing? The earliest dolls from the mid to late teens with apple heads had no feet at all and were constructed of simple blocks of wood serving as their base. This style continued into the early 20s when some rare apple heads had shoes made of composition.

The first apple headed Skookum dolls of the mid teens were dressed in thin flannel plaid blankets. Blouses and shirts utilized cotton solids as well as prints dating from the turn of the century into the teens.

Her request for a patent was filed on November 29, The patent was granted February 17, and from that day forward, Skookum Indian dolls were labeled. Some dolls, for no apparent reason, have a label on each foot. Dolls such as the squat sitters have the label fixed to the cotton covered base and some early mailers have a label on the back of the cardboard carrier. Many labels were lost over the years as the glue that held them became brittle and dried out. In some cases the label, if it is an unusual or rare one, can add to the dolls value.

History Of Skookum Dolls

As the production years of Skookum Indian dolls progressed, materials used in their construction went through several transformations. The labels were altered every so often, the look of the feet evolved, as did the material used for the doll’s masks. This serves as a general guideline only.

Skookum dolls were indian dolls first made by Mary McAboy in and were produced into the ‘s. They are a highly collectible doll made in a variety of sizes and styles which depicted different Native American tribes and customs.


Feb 4, Designed by Mary McAboy in , these “Bully Good” Skookum Indian dolls were sold as souvenirs in the National Parks in the ‘s’s. They were made to resemble actual tribes or Indians. Early dolls were stuffed with straw or twigs. Hair was mohair or string. Later the heads were composition or plastic.

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