Royal Navy (RN) Officers

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The legendary story tells of the siege of the British garrison in Ladysmith in The Naval Brigade transported guns over difficult terrain and brought them into action against the Boers. The Royal Navy landed two 4. The guns were transported inland by rail and then drawn on makeshift carriages by oxen. For the final part of the journey, sailors from the Naval Brigade manhandled the guns over very difficult terrain. One story tells of sailors carrying one of the pounder guns for 2 miles 3.

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A scarce circa ‘s brooch, handmade from mother of pearl usually in Jerusalem or Bethlehem. Good condition and retaining its original pin fitting. This is being sold as a collector’s item only, as these types of pins were only glued in place and are now too fragile for wearing. Vanguard, Enamelled Lifebouy Sweetheart Brooch. An attractive circa ‘s HMS Vanguard gilt and enamel naval sweetheart brooch, the ship’s badge set upon a vivid translucent blue enamel lifebouy.

Very good condition, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel. Sept 3 , Gt. A rare West Yorkshire Regiment hollow silver Boer War sweetheart brooch, the reverse bearing Birmingham silver hallmarks for Very good condition to the front, the reverse with original pin fitting, replacement pin shank and with a few minor defects. Good condition, original pin fittings. A superb quality large stunning example, bearing the crest of the ‘Clan Fraser of Lovat’ a buck’s head within a large strap inscribed “Je Suis Prest” I am ready , the reverse impressed with Birmingham silver hallmarks for and maker’s details “F.

N” Frederick Narborough, Birmingham.

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The Royal Navy’s field gun competition is a the “Run Home”, men, guns and limbers passed back through the hole in the home wall and then the teams “hook up and pull for home”. The clock was stopped as the teams crossed back over the start line. The average time for the “Run Home” was 21 seconds. Three Commands, Devonport, Fleet Air.

More than 4, willingly volunteered to leave the service at a time of deep economic recession and rising unemployment. However in combat or when things go wrong, casualties and the lack of available hands for damage control may prove critical. This figure is unsustainable and extremely damaging to the service both now and in the future. The loss of senior rates is particularly worrying. Engineers are also most likely to resign, The loss of trained and experienced people causes lasting damage to the service that is hard to remedy.

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So far we have chiefly contented ourselves with viewing the ship and its officers and men “off service,” that is to say, in their own quarters and virtually off duty. Now let us see them at work. Everything that goes on in a ship has its basis in routine. There is a special routine for the daily work in harbour, and a special routine for Sundays in harbour; there is a sea routine as well. The design and framing of the ship’s routine is the sale prerogative of her Executive Officer.

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Tom says,”I was fortunate to be ‘running crew’ for Devonport in and I found it truly magical performing in front of 12, people every day for 3 weeks. I’m still a member of the Devonport Field Gun Association and still in contact with lads I ran with over 48 years ago. Some of the crew ran with me again in There were 50 ratings making up the crew, plus all the back room staff, with 18 members in each of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ crews, the others were reserves. We were 1st Wheels through the hole in the wall on the Run Home.

If we got stuck, then everyone piled into the back of us and there was a big snarl up. Thankfully it didn’t happened to our crew at Devonport or Earls Court. We were a pretty good team, even if I say so myself. The guns and limbers are then dismantled and carried to the top of a ramp on the ‘home side’ of a foot 8. The crew set up a wire and traveller so all 18 members of the crew and their equipment can cross the chasm.

The team and field gun then pass through a hole in the ‘Enemy Wall’ at the end of the arena. Each crew fires three rounds to end the ‘Run Out’.

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Lovely large room overlooking the park. The location is perfect and the hotel is welcoming. Bedroom spotlessly clean and some really friendly staff. Other Comments They need to pay some attention to their catering – there were lots of problems in the restaurant although the food we did get was tasty and given that we were on a deal we couldn’t complain. Jan Hassocks, UK Enjoyed Most There’s a fantastic staff team from front of house, housekeepers, breakfast and evening staff.

They’re a credit to the DeVere hotel group David Jan Colchester, UK Enjoyed Most location which was ideal for what we planned to do, room was fine and quiet for the area. Other Comments We were not thrilled with the menu, it appeared to us to be trying to be too fancy – simpler but top quality would have been better in our opinion – eg. This was an excellent deal and being in centre of Greenwich and so close to DLR was an added bonus. Other Comments For me the location couldn’t have been any better, next door to the National Maritime Museum, where I was working and opposite Greenwich University, where I am studying!

Jan Southampton, UK Enjoyed Most Needed somewhere to stay in Greenwich and this fitted the bill perfectly Other Comments I would only comment that the room didn’t have a clock and could have done with a coat hook julia The main window wouldn’t close properly and was draughty – it was below zero outside! The location was central and set off the main road so very quite but in easy access of the park, market and tube.

Other Comments The bathroom floor tiles need new grout and the light was not fitted very well.

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Click on thumbnail images to view photos submitted with stories To submit a story, please email the webmaster. Please keep in mind that some of the stories here are humourous and some of them are of a more serious nature where shipmates have lost a life while others may contain profanity. Three of our stalwartly seamen thought they needed a hair cut and decided on an a Iroquois hair cut – much to the displeasure of our XO.

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Greco-Roman Pentaspastos “Five-pulley-crane” , a medium-sized variant c. The Romans adopted the Greek crane and developed it further. We are relatively well informed about their lifting techniques, thanks to rather lengthy accounts by the engineers Vitruvius De Architectura There are also two surviving reliefs of Roman treadwheel cranes , with the Haterii tombstone from the late first century AD being particularly detailed. The simplest Roman crane, the trispastos, consisted of a single-beam jib, a winch , a rope , and a block containing three pulleys.

Having thus a mechanical advantage of 3: Heavier crane types featured five pulleys pentaspastos or, in case of the largest one, a set of three by five pulleys Polyspastos and came with two, three or four masts, depending on the maximum load. This meant that, in comparison to the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids , where about 50 men were needed to move a 2. At the temple of Jupiter at Baalbek , for instance, the architrave blocks weigh up to 60 tons each, and one corner cornice block even over tons, all of them raised to a height of about 19 m.

First, as suggested by Heron, a lifting tower was set up, whose four masts were arranged in the shape of a quadrangle with parallel sides, not unlike a siege tower , but with the column in the middle of the structure Mechanica 3. The maximum lifting capability of a single capstan can be established by the number of lewis iron holes bored into the monolith.

In case of the Baalbek architrave blocks, which weigh between 55 and 60 tons, eight extant holes suggest an allowance of 7. Typical areas of application were harbors, mines, and, in particular, building sites where the treadwheel crane played a pivotal role in the construction of the lofty Gothic cathedrals.

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Under the leadership of Sir Roger Moore the knighthood is in the post Roger , Clarendon went through the season unbeaten in the league, scoring an incredible goals! Clarendon have won 17 of their 19 league games this season and the meeting between the teams two weeks ago saw Clarendon hit Maple Leaf for double figures. Zion probably need 2 wins from their final 3 games to secure Division One football next season, but have just 1 win in their last 9 league games. Corinthians SK v Living Hope — Corinthians need a win to maintain their promotion hopes, currently trailing St Michaels in 3rd place by 4 points with a game in hand.

Their last 2 league games have seen them draw twice to teams below them in the table. Living Hope are top of the bottom half of Division Two and can cement 7th place above rivals Dudley Lions with a win this weekend.

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Urban ferry rides—short, sweet, and cheap—have their own rewards and can become a daily ritual. Like Law, commuters around the globe are ditching traffic-clogged roads for the open water. In New York City , more than , people ride ferries daily, according to Seth Solomonow, spokesperson for the Department of Transportation. Every day, 80, people navigate the coastal backwaters of Kerala , India , on ferries. From the deck, passengers witness kids riding bicycles and workers harvesting bananas and coconuts or laying laundry out to dry.

Indeed, riding a ferry is a great way to get a feel for the rhythms of a place and even get to know some fellow passengers. Everyone has a story about how they came to the state or how proud they are if they were born there. Patagonian Fjords between PuertoMontt and Puerto Natales This epic ferry ride spans miles over four days, treating passengers to views of isolated estuaries and gulfs, tiny cypress- and lenga beech—covered islands, massive ice fields, and fjords slashed into the Andes.

The Genoese built the imposing Galata Tower on the northern shore in the 14th or 15th century, while Bulgarians constructed the ornate cast-iron Orthodox Church of St. Golden Horn Ferry; ido. With a little luck, a bottlenose dolphin or southern right whale might pop up nearby.

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