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Square number 7 of my ‘Christmas Character Blanket’ guys! This worked up super quickly! I’m not entirely happy with my colour choices on this one I really wanted to go with a dark green background, but for some reason, dark green just isn’t in favour this season So sadly, the other colours didn’t POP as much as I would have liked, but perhaps when I border it in the white, it may help?! The perils of speeding through a piece and not taking the time to lay out your colours next to each other first eh?! I think it’ll be okay in the end though! The next square I will be bobbling my way through is the ‘Frosty the Snowman’ square! Such a super cute square! So I thought I’d do a quick little vid, highlighting how I tackle each of those things I don’t really have the ‘set-up’ to be able to film tutorials very well, but hopefully I can cobble together something that will help you guys out!

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There are nine circles of Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy. The Nine Bright Shiners was a s book of poems by Anne Ridler [9] and a fiction book by Anthea Fraser; [10] the name derives from “a very curious old semi-pagan, semi-Christian” song. Sayers , her ninth featuring sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey. Nine Unknown Men are, in occult legend, the custodians of the sciences of the world since ancient times.

Tolkien’s Middle-earth , there are nine rings of power given to men, and consequently, nine ringwraiths. Additionally, The Fellowship of the Ring consists of nine companions.

“Pacific Sun” can instantly brighten up the mood. It has a four on the floor pop beat with a lot of handclaps, bell sounds, snaps, tambourine and shakers to really bring out the happiness in this composition. “By purchasing a license for this song you would really help us .

Festivals, events, culture, history, kendo, lifestyles and games in and around the Kansai region of Japan. Friday, September 8, Hook me up Kansai! After several years of living in Kansai I still have a wishlist of things that I want to do. Most of these things involve specialized hobbies that have their own otaku communities. These specialist communities and their internal culture are of particular interest to me.

So if you or someone you know is involved one of these activities please invite me to tag along with you! Kendo I am looking forward to networking with more people in the Kansai area who do kendo. This is the one item on this list that I already have experience in I am a 4Dan.

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By Josh Catone The recent ” Unknown Lifeform ” in North Carolina? Turns out, not a hoax, but also not a monster. But all those rumors about Jeff Goldblum falling to his death in New Zealand? Well, those were a hoax, and a rather tasteless one at that. For hundreds of years, humans have been playing elaborate tricks on each other, but the advent of social tools — from Usenet and email right on up to YouTube and Twitter — means that hoaxes are much more easily spread, and it can be difficult to separate the misinformation from the truth.

From grand ceremonies for up to to more intimate weddings for 40 guests, The Elvetham is home to 5 beautiful and flexible event spaces to set the stage for a wonderful wedding.

Want a practice exercise setting up Docker? Unfamiliar with the command line? Want a practice exercise setting up Selenium Grid? Why install Selenium Grid in a container system like Docker? Docker is built to help make configuring systems easier, helpful if you are setting up Selenium Grid with one Selenium Hub and multiple Chrome and Firefox nodes. Normally, to set up Grid, you would: Then the Selenium Grid would be ready to use at http: With Docker, it is still that same three step process That is for later blog posts.

First, though, let’s talk about Docker Install Docker Docker is similar to a virtual machine, but more lightweight. With a virtual machine, the operating system also needs to be included.

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Quick Mount PV products are sold to installers, contractors, electricians, roofers and other trade professionals exclusively Are Quick Mount PV flashed mounts compatible with all rails? Quick Mount PV flashed mounts are designed to work with almost all standard racking systems. Any rail that uses standard L brackets will Will my building department recognize Quick Mount PV products? Quick Mount PV products are recognized and welcome in jurisdictions all around the U.

Oct 24,  · Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video) – Listen On Spotify: Learn more about the brand new album ‘Beau.

I was in Bohol and there were lots of Korean tourists and annoying touts. I started walking around with my headphones on just so they would leave me alone! I went to Cebu and Bohol last year and Bohol is still on top of my favorite islands in my country! Have you tried Anawangin and Potipot in Zambales? Sad that you had to go thru all that. But should you decide to come back, try visiting the least popular places. They have a lot to offer sans consumerism. The months of September-October are the best.

Not many people going there during those months.


Man I hate summer. I was not made for summer. Absolutely no mixing here. As a consequence, I have been unable to go within metres of a ball of yarn these past two days Just the look of it makes me break into a sweat It’s times like these when I really, really miss my old check-out-chick days at the supermarket!

Making homemade bread seems like a daunting task, but this detailed video of me going on and on will show you how you can literally make homemade French bread with only ten minutes of your time (plus, the extra time for the rising and baking process.).

Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOGs to get more exclusive insight, inventory updates, and the best products at the best prices. Make sure to keep it locked in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG Page to get more exclusive content, angler insight, and the best products at the best prices. Targeting thick vegetation, Jared and Alex utilize the latest releases from Shimano and G.

Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG page to get more exclusive footage, angler insight, and the best products at the best prices. This installment of WNTW has something that every angler will enjoy. Rojas Recognized as one of the best frog fishers on the Elite Series, Dean Rojas walks us through his approach to fishing frogs around heavy vegetation.

Casually covering water with his Duckett Terex Rod and Ducket Casting Reel, Dean displays the versatility of the Spro Bronzeye lineup and touches on situations in which he prefers each style of frog. Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG page to get more exclusive content, professional insight, and the best products at the best prices.

Utilizing the tutelage of frogging aficionado, Jared Lintner, Daniel and Corey put some nice fish in the boat and get a well deserved break from behind the camera.

The Hook Up Vlog Inc.

Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOGs to get more exclusive insight, inventory updates, and the best products at the best prices. T catches the B-Train trying to steal his secret baits and techniques. Engaging in a game of Bingo first , Bango most , Bongo biggest , the boys turn a fun day of fishing into a spirited rivalry that highlights the effectiveness of the Berkley’s newly released Choppo topwater bait. Make sure to keep it locked in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG to get more exclusive content, professional pointers, and the best products at the best prices.

When it was time to track down a kicker, Jared turned to flipping a custom jig paired with a Strike King Rage Bug.

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We are also from Australia. Our trip was 8 days at Anaheim we split to LA for one day in the middle , 7 days in Waikiki and 4 days at Disney Aulani to finish. It was a truly amazing experience, I feel so lucky to have had it. We got tourist T mobile sim cards, I love taking my sim card out and becoming uncontactable to my normal life. In the parks I used a combination of ridemax for days we did attractions, and the disneyland app. The boys slept around 1 hour, despite being up since 4am, I felt like this was going to go badly for our first day.

I thought when I had this part booked through flight centre, that we were getting a car, not a shuttle, not used to booking through agents, much easier to book myself. The cast members were lovely, this was true for the entire stay. It was so great to be in the Disney bubble, we really noticed it when we went to Universal for the day, the world is so abrasive out there.