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The (Real) Story Behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

They all show some aspect of dishonesty, selfishness, pettiness, ignorance, and unethical behavior. Often, each character make impulsive decisions for their own personal gain, even if it is at the cost of each other. This thought process gets them involved in sticky situations, and never allows them to achieve harmony. While sometimes frustrating to watch, episodes often reflect life in the real-world.

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Toboggan character as he goes some way to poisoning a college student. Dee is in just about the worst state of them all, but Charlie, who is taking the game entirely seriously, quickly catches up over an imaginary conversation with the real Wade Boggs. Charlie, having completely misunderstood, takes his stalking of the Waitress to the next level by sneaking into her apartment and breaking her possessions.

After botching his system, Dennis suggests that Charlie go for broke and stab the Waitress, in order to nurse her back to life and prove his value. Mac swoops in on Caylee with his own M.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The show has been renewed for an 11th and 12th season already. What will the gang be up to by that time? Pranking the time-jump versions of the Parks and Rec cast? Complaining about President Mitt Romney?

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January 4, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned to television Wednesday night, kicking off its 12th season with what may be the series most controversial episode of its run, even for a show that’s pulled off blackface in the past. The Always Sunny crew filmed portions of the episode here in Philly back in July , the first time they had filmed locally in two years.

Charlie finds that he has turned into a young boy played by AJ Hudson , while Dennis finds himself in the body of an obese man Jamal Mixon. At that point, the episode turns into a musical, with Charlie sing-demanding “one good reason” why the Gang became a different race overnight. After discussing whether their situation is more like Quantum Leap — a show “from the coke-fueled era of ’80s television,” as Dee puts it — or Rob Schneider’s The Hot Chick, the gang decides they “don’t know the rules” of being black.

So the Gang sings that they will find out “the rules when you’ve just turned black and you can’t switch back,” and fix the situation before heading off into Philadelphia to try and become their old, white selves. Charlie, Mac, and Dennis head to an alleyway by Second and Chesnut to get into Dennis’ car, which he doesn’t have keys for because he switched bodies with someone named Reggie Williams, as he discovers after finding his counterpart’s wallet.

The boys, who now appear black to the outside world, try and get into Dennis’ car anyway, and are arrested, with the group singing “I think we just found out a new rule” from the back of a police cruiser to end the scene. Dee and Frank, for their part, head to a bridge in Center City, though the exact location is unclear.

Frank goes off the rails, singing to Dee that he’s going to say words he hasn’t “had the chance to say before” now that he is black, like “homie,” “bro,” and “my man. The man uses the N-word himself, and tells the pair “you’re talking about Old Black Man” before pointing him out. Charlie, meanwhile, is holed up at a police station being questioned as he plays with a toy train.

To explain his life to a social worker assigned to his case, Charlie sings that he “lives in a walk-up in some Section 8 housing where I sleep with a man named Frank.

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For more than ten years now, FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has pushed the boundaries of comedy, network sensibilities, and good taste in general. And of all the maniacs that have stood behind the bar in Paddy’s Pub, none are quite so frightening as the self-titled Golden God himself, Dennis Reynolds.

Longtime fans of the show are by now all too familiar with Dennis’s constant brushes with sexual depravity, and his occasional forays into outright psychopathic behavior.

Feb 03,  · For more than ten years now, FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has pushed the boundaries of comedy, network sensibilities, and good taste in Sunny first came on the air, the network billed it as “Seinfeld on crack,” taking the four utterly repugnant main characters and their rampant drug use, violence, and general debauchery and putting it center : The Great and Powerful Blog.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Full spoilers for the episode follow One can usually count on at least one of the members of the Gang to blow a fuse on any particular episode of Always Sunny, but this week “erotic man” Dennis met his match in the form of an online date ranking app that quickly whittled him down to an infuriating no-star rating. Dennis probably actually stood a good chance of working his Dennis system on unsuspecting women once he decided to ditch the group dating aspect of the Bunchers app scenario, but the fact that he’d become overly-obsessed over being judged by others was glorious.

Sep 18,  · “Addiction is a fairly common theme on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” In “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare,” the siblings quickly become dependent on crack while purposely attempting to fail a drug test, and Charlie is depicted having .

Are you surprised the show has lasted this long? You know, I first read scripts and it was amazing. But the characters I fell in love with were the male characters. But I will do it if you write that way for me. He promised me, and I really believed him, that that is what they wanted to do. I was interested to hear what you were going to say. It might sound a little un-PC, but he has really good points. Specifically, the first time we did “Lethal Weapon 5” — the whole conversation about the blackface?

They were all things where I was kind of like, well, I kind of agree with that! If you were going to hang out with any of the characters in real life, who would it be? You could probably manipulate him into doing whatever you wanted him to do. I imagine you have lots of crazy fans.

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